Promotion “Let’s fill the summer with English”

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Studying English in the 2017 summer season!


Until April 30, book a ticket to the first or second camp change DEC camp and receive a gift of up to 10 individual English lessons.
Lessons will be held at the DEC School in Kiev, having previously agreed with the administrator the time and date of classes. For those who live outside the capital, classes will be conducted in a Skype format at a time convenient for you, agreed with the administrator of any school.
According to the terms of the promotion, you can get 10 lessons with a Ukrainian teacher or 5 lessons with native-speaker. Each lesson lasts 1 hour.
The gift can be used by both the child and the parent by August 31, 2017.
The action “Fill the summer with English” is not summed up with other stocks or DEC discounts.

You can book a ticket to the DEC camp on our website and find out the details of the Promotion from consultants at 0 800 30 44 00.



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