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«Barcelona Miracle»: new generation

«DEC Camp Barcelona 2016» project was more than just a successful camp programme. It was a great achievement of our work, which was the main motivation for us to take the next step in the following year. In summer 2017, we continue to teach children English and develop their life skills in the context of «Barcelona Miracle»!

During the last 20 years Barcelona has become No.1 tourist destination among Top 10 Europe holiday destinations as a result of innovations and reforms in arts, architecture, gastronomy, urbanism, multicultural communication and thriving start-ups and technologies of tomorrow.
Our new programme «Makers of Barcelona 2017» is a successful combination of experience and driving inspirations of thriving Spain with talents and potential of Ukraine. «Makers of Barcelona 2017» offers our campers innovative selection of successful business cases, innovative ideas, original projects, urbanistic reforms and practical workshop sessions. Such experience will encourage children to develop their own projects and business ventures, which surely will become important for their city, country and the world. In this unforgettable journey we shall be accompanied by our professional partners of the project: FabCafe Barcelona, Barcelona Code School, DRAP Art Foundation, Photographic Social Vision, European University, Barcelona Metropolitan, Your City Barcelona magazine, Barcelona City FM, Born to Cook, Laura Personal Shopper.
We believe that children have all necessary talents and qualities to become the leaders of successful generation. But our main task is to show each and every child the horizon of new and endless opportunities

DEC camp is a successful innovative children’s camp. In our country it the only English language camp which is a member of American Camp Association and International Camping Fellowship. DEC Camp has taken upon itself the responsibility to lead Ukrainian Camping Association PRO CAMP, and all our efforts were not in vain! Every year more than 600 children are spending their summer holidays with us, and then attend our camp for the second, third or tenth time and dream to become our youth leaders. Children love us because they know that DEC is a family. Big and loving family where everybody cares for each other, we care for our campers and their future!
DEC camp is a team of professionals, which was formed around the idea of combining the drive of true recreation with efficient learning of English language. We employ certified teachers (native-speakers) from the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Canada, Spain and other countries, and our group-leaders improve their qualification each year attending training courses under guidance of coaches from American Camp Association.
DEC Camp is a developing innovative and intellectually stimulating environment, where we efficiently and harmonically develop the leaders of the 21st century. Our work is focused on developing our campers in tune with the time and on encouraging them not to be afraid to follow their dreams! But more importantly, to give them bright memories of their cheerful childhood!

Our team

We are strong, friendly and creative team. We have in our team certified native-speaker teachers, who have years of experience. Our group-leaders, including foreigners, are cheerful and easygoing people, who are able to create an environment of trust and establish distinctive communication with children. Our team has responsive psychologists, who are always ready to answer children’s complicated life questions, be that of personal, school, family or partnership matter, we also provide 24/7 medical supervision at our camp!
We work not only to provide our campers with opportunity to try out new things in life. We also need their feedback after each camp’s session, for that is needed for us to be able to provide them new and even better things and opportunities next time they visit us. We don’t give our campers just any assignment or work to simply occupy them and fill their time. Our goal is to bring out the potential of each child, to educate him/her how to live truly interesting, active and bright life, to give them a positive energy impulse for the whole next academic year!

  • Irina Zaretcaia-Cotruta

    Camp Philosopher

    The founder of the DEC Camp and its main philosopher. Irina doesn't just want to do camps. She wants to change the world to a better place. 'camping' is a unique opportunity to get to the kids and show them their full potential.

  • Arcadie Cotruta

    Camp Debater

    Arcadie, also a founder, revers in seeing kids think outside of the box, construct and win arguments (with logic and facts, and jokes).

  • Lee Hall

    Camp Awesome

    Lee, the Director of Studies, thinks English should be fun. He designs the English curricula based on his utopian dream that one day, he'll be teaching English in Disneyland, flying on a dragon. Now that would be fun.

  • Вэнди Грэйс


    За плечами Вэнди – карьера стэндап-комика. Поэтому теперь она взялась разбавлять жизнь в лагере юмором и шутками. Всегда с улыбкой на лице, она приветствует кэмперов распахнутыми объятиями и генерирует энтузиазм в команде.

  • Кристина Риггз


    Кристина – профессиональный коуч из США. Она приезжает в лагерь заранее и обучает каждого, как быть эффективнее, счастливее, энергичнее и круче.

  • Анна Войтенко


    Анна – психолог лагеря, а в сердце – истинный артист. Она и воплощает эти две черты в деле, занимаясь с детьми керамикой и обсуждая их чувства и ощущения одновременно. Стаффу тоже нравится ходить к ней на беседы.

  • Олег Погребняк

    Лил О.

    Энтузиазм, харизма Олега, его умелый подход к каждому ребенку создали ему репутацию всеобщего любимца! Мы уверены, что веселые занятия в бассейне пропускать уж точно не захочется никому. Дети Олега просто обожают.

  • Анна Санс Йаураду


    Анна – сертифицированная вожатая из Каталонии и гуру современных языков. Очень живая, подвижная, знаток местных традиций. Она лучше всех знает, какие локации нужно посетить на экскурсиях, и как превратить каждую смену в незабываемый опыт.

  • Эмили Рэтклифф


    Эмили родом из Англии, и она, на самом деле !!! опытный телохранитель. А еще она музыкант (фортепиано, кларнет, бас) и поет в хоре.


  • Who are «Change Makers»?


    Not so long ago I was looking for examples of successful projects in the field of ‘sustainable life’ and came across a story. Residents of a fishing village from the Philippines were concerned about the sharp decline in the catch. Marine inhabitants perished, entangled in the old fishing nets that flooded the ocean. Networks began

  • DEC Camp Values


    Философия DEC CAMP базируется на восьми ценностях. Они наши киты, опоры и именно они помогают нам создавать и поддерживать в лагере нужную атмосферу. Каждую ценность мы решили проиллюстрировать яркой, отражающей её суть, историей.   Discover AUTHENTICITY: Раскрытие аутентичности каждого   Прошлым летом, под конец одной из смен, забирая со склада запасные батарейки для микрофона, я

  • 10 причин почему стоит взять на работу бывшего вожатого


    Задумываясь о детском лагере, сразу вспоминаешь игры-песни-пляски, печенная картошка да ночевки в палатках. Но лагерь как тренинговая площадка для будущих бизнес-лидеров? Наверное, это не первое, что приходит на ум. В ретроспективе наших последних девяти лет в лагере, хочу поделиться наблюдениями о том, какие качества приобретают и оттачивают вожатые за период смены. Могу смело посоветовать каждому работодателю в процессе

  • Our dates

    July 26—August 9

  • How much

    2400$ + Air tickets

    The price includes: • Accommodation and 4-times meals | • participation in all activities according to the camp’s programme | • English classes and study materials | • 24/7 supervision by group-leaders, medical personnel, psychologist and security service | • procurement of visas | • 2 elective excursions


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