Developed or yet unknown potential, creative or athletic, intellectual or physical, musical or vocal, loud or noiseless, fantastic, extraordinary – all these talents live in every child! They are waiting to be found, awakened and revealed to the whole world!

This fall we want to break the stereotype concerning the talent and to show that any child’s skill makes them special. All their passions, their “things”, their abilities comprise uniqueness which should be maintained and kept unshackled.

Camp program is developed in such way so that children could not only share their revealed talents with each other, but also try other directions. We have prepared for them dozens of various non-standard skills which they will be able to master in 1 week. Who knows, perhaps your child will find their true calling exactly in our camp.

“DEC’s got talent” is an author’s program which will unite professionalism of DEC camp team, fun and English language learning in order to help children to find and develop their unique abilities. We suggest campers for 5 days to immerse into the world of various opportunities where they will be able to be inspired by each other’s abilities and to feel their individuality.

The program consists of:

– master-classes and workshops from instructors of DEC lab educational laboratory;

– spoken English language courses with native speakers

– daily activities and entertainments from DEC camp leaders

– atmosphere of the best camp traditions: line-ups, “candles”, teambuilding games on American camps association methodology.


Your child has a talent and we believe in it!




DEC camp is the innovative children’s camp which has been successfully working in Ukraine for 9 years. It the only camp in our country which is also a member of American Camp Association and International Camping Fellowship. DEC Camp  undertook the responsibility to lead Ukrainian Camp Association PRO CAMP and our efforts are not in vain!

More than 600 children vacation with us each year, they come back the second, third, tenth time and dream of becoming our leaders in the future. Children love us because they know that DEC is the family. Large, loving family where we care about each other, about our campers and their future!

DEC camp is a team of experts who had united around a vision of mixing real vacation drive with effective English language learning. We are collaborating with certified teachers (native-speakers) from the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Spain and other countries, and our camp counsellors certify their competence working with American Camp Association coaches.

DEC Camp is enriching, innovative, intellectually challenging area where leaders of the 21st century are developed in a constructive and harmonic way. Our work is aimed to that campers keep up with the times and do not afraid of making their dreams come true! And above all, to recollect their childhood with pleasure!

Наша команда

  • October 30 – November 03, 2017

  • How mach

    Fee: 5 500 UAH

    Fee includes: lessons with native-speakers and participation in camp schedule activities; educational materials; leaders’ supervision. Fee does not include: 4 meals daily: 200 UAH/day; transfer arrangement assistance from DEC school locations


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