Who are «Change Makers»?


Not so long ago I was looking for examples of successful projects in the field of ‘sustainable life’ and came across a story. Residents of a fishing village from the Philippines were concerned about the sharp decline in the catch. Marine inhabitants perished, entangled in the old fishing nets that flooded the ocean. Networks began to be caught, and from strong threads weave carpets. Together with the sale of carpets in the village prosperity came. Won all: the ocean, fish, villagers and lovers of extraordinary weaving products. “What kind of people are really good guys,” I thought. Why are we so not allowed? After all, everything is simple: “Think globally, act locally!”

The fact is that such initiatives are born only when people are ready to take responsibility for themselves, rather than wait for years while someone from the higher power will remember them, descend and set them all aspects of life “perfectly”. A new type of thinking is to think that life comes from you and your actions. And if we want real changes in the quality of our life, then we need to start at a young age – and right now and now, teach, show step by step on specific examples, how to create your own initiatives, where you can start if you care, And how to lead.

So this summer we decided to become “pioneers” and take the liberty to think globally and begin to act locally in the Carpathian town of Migovo.


We love this place very much, where we have been spending the summer camp for the third consecutive year. Bukovina resort Migovo is a very special place. Picturesque Carpathian forests – scenery of the film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, – fresh air, medicinal herbs, the most famous blueberry, the same mushroom soup, and cozy wooden log houses. Life in this corner of the Carpathians is actively bubbling for two months of the ski season. The flow of tourists and holidaymakers literally “knocks” in every door and provides a family for a year ahead. But it also leaves behind itself a trail-print from plastic, packages, bottles and improvised “shashlik”, with which the local residents will now have to live forever. And the other ten months? Imagine for ten months the life of the town freezes in anticipation of the next ski furor. Foreigners have heard little about Bukovina (in a good way and there’s nowhere to find out, so they do not go). Mountains of plastic in the forest, hiding among the thick foliage, no matter how corroded the eyes of the local population. All the most beautiful about this corner of the country can be learned only by chance from the mouth of Baba Masha. She will give the contact of the guide Vova, who makes luxurious trips to Hoverla, and then with a bonus will give him a kilogram of the sweetest home-made (in the European manner of “green”) strawberries and a can of dried white mushrooms. But to get out on Masha’s woman, you need to know San Sanych.

And such stories as Migovo, all over the country very often! And this is very sad, because the potential is huge, the beauty of the land is incredible, the cultural wealth is the richest. We have to do something about this, we decided. Migovo can be an excellent example and inspiration for many.

Therefore, we want to devote this summer vacation to the creation of a new city on the basis of Migovo and to do this together with our camers. How? At the “Ideas Fair”, the children will be able to choose the areas of interest that interest them, from such as: Art & Design, Technology & Engineering, Media & Communication, Food & Gastronomy, Eco-Tourism & Environment, and team up in initiative project groups. Project work is a special form, I would say, of thinking. Thanks to it, children go through all the cycles of creating and implementing the idea: brainstorming, setting priorities and roles, setting deadlines, searching for resources, testing, working in the field, analyzing and presenting the results – all in English!




With the help of this tool, we want to show our campers specific steps to translate their ideas. Allow them to live the experience of successful teamwork and achieve their goals. We want this skill to be taken away with us, and later we were able to change the obsolete and create something new: in our school, in our yard, in the city.

To direct the work of the campers in line with the necessary changes, we came up with some blanks for them. For example, in the field of Media & Communication camers will shoot a video about the new modern city with the help of drones and quadrocopter, carry out the project of social photography “Humans of Migovo” using the example of the famous New York analogue, or create an animation about how to use the techniques of recycling & upcycling In daily life.

In the area of Сity Art & Design, children will be able to develop a new design of a “smart” bus stop or build a huge installation of secondary raw materials at the entrance to the resort.

In Eco-Tourism campers are planning routes of hiking trails with maps for travelers and pointers in English.

Food & Gastronomy will write an eco-product guide, through which every visitor of Migovo will be able to find out where to buy fresh berries, mushrooms, honey, teas and herbs. Or they will create a “corporate dessert” in the Bukovina region.

All projects will be held in English, and will be different in each shift.




But our main goal is to give the campers a feeling that they can already become “Change Makers”. Create, change and bring prosperity to the world, and for this it is not necessary to wait for the moment when they finish school, university and will receive a couple of years of experience in the workplace.

I think that when a new wave of life comes to Migovo, everyone will benefit: children, understand how to do projects in their country, how to bring good and joy, and how to be proactive; The residents of Migovo will see and feel a new attitude towards their place, to themselves and, possibly, they will want to continue our undertakings; Forests in Migovo will become cleaner, even foreign travelers will be able to walk along the paths, the city will be decorated with new installations, a stop, and thanks to video and publications, the world will have another beautiful place on earth!



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